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Ssssh. Listen. Do you hear that?

That resounding silence emanating from the fashion world about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a.k.a. one of the biggest consumer tech product events of the year? It was only three years ago that wearables were the buzzword of the runways, predicted to trend in closets everywhere. Now they barely merit a mention.

It’s probably going too far to say that the love affair between fashion and technology is over. But it certainly seems to have cooled.

While there are still plenty of designer-name smartwatches coming to market — Fossil just introduced a style in collaboration with Kate Spade; Louis Vuitton entered the sector last year, teaming up with Google and Qualcomm Technology — they are not generating nearly the same flushed excitement that they once did.

Remember when?

In 2015, Brian Krzanich, the chief executive of Intel, gave the opening keynote speech at CES introducing a buttonsize computing system called Curie that was touted as a tool to change how our clothes function. It was part of a wearables push that included a smart bracelet made in collaboration with Opening Ceremony and smart glasses made with Oakley.

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